One of the most common uses of asbestos up until the 1908’s, was as roofing material. The dangers of asbestos roofing is that after years of being exposed to all weather conditions it’s only a matter of time before asbestos roofs start to disintegrate.

It’s important to note that Removal and replacement of asbestos roofing is not always the only option which is why the ASP team will treat each project with a tailored solution once we’ve determined whether a remove & replace or encapsulation solution is required.

Remove & Replace: If replacement is required, there are a number of roof material options for you such as colorbond roofing sheets and zincalume with each offering its unique feature and style.

Encapsulation: A more cost effective solution in some instances is the option to encapsulate the asbestos roof which involves the sealing of asbestos within a protective shell so the asbestos is safely and properly contained.

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